Pro-Palestinian protesters demand ceasefire outside Starmer’s constituency office

Pro-Palestinian protesters demand ceasefire outside Starmer’s constituency office

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters have gathered outside Sir Keir Starmer’s constituency office in north London calling for a ceasefire.

Crowds blocked the road in Camden and chanted “Keir Starmer’s a wasteman” and “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” as part of a day of national action on Saturday, with more than 100 rallies expected across the UK instead of a large march in central London.

Protesters met outside Chalk Farm station before working their way through Camden to the Labour leader’s constituency office.

Once there, protesters held up signs saying “Stop the war on Gaza” and “Starmer, human rights lawyer? What a joke” while others waved large Palestinian flags.

During the march, one protester also held up a placard with a cartoon of Sir Keir and the words “If it smells like a Tory, acts like a Tory, and lies like a Tory, it’s probably a Tory”.

Others held placards saying “Who the f*** doesn’t vote for a ceasefire?” and “Starmer shame on you”.

Earlier in the week, 56 Labour MPs defied their leader’s position of advocating for pauses in fighting so they could support a ceasefire in a Commons vote.

Jess Phillips, the shadow minister for domestic violence, was among the 10 Labour frontbenchers and parliamentary aides who either quit or were sacked over their backing for an SNP amendment in the King’s Speech debate, which was ultimately defeated.

In a statement following the vote, Sir Keir said he regretted that party colleagues had not backed his position but later said he was more focused on the plight of people in Gaza than managing the splits within Labour.

Once outside the Labour leader’s office, the crowds gathered to listen to speakers for more than an hour.

John Rees, national officer for the Stop the War Coalition, told crowds: “You saw what this movement did to Suella Braverman. Unless you get yourselves in line with the majority of people in this country who want an immediate ceasefire, this movement will do that to you Rishi Sunak, it will do that to you, Keir Starmer.”

He continued: “My message to Keir Starmer is this. One, you are a wasteman. Two, get with the programme, demand a ceasefire now.”

The crowds also heard from 33-year-old Palestinian Nida Badawi. She told crowds: “I know we’re restless. For the past 40 days, over 40 days, I feel like my heart’s been ripped out of my body.

“I’m just here to remind you while we’re standing here, it’s not the time to stay quiet. They need to hear our voices.”

She continued: “Today we stand with the Palestinians. We are going to demand what they are demanding, a ceasefire.

“So while we march together, I want everyone united in this fact. In our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians.”

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