Victoria Beckham on ageing and feeling ‘comfortable’ with who she is

Victoria Beckham on ageing and feeling ‘comfortable’ with who she is

Victoria Beckham has said she would not want to be in her twenties again as she used to focus on what she felt needed to be improved upon but now she is “comfortable” with who she is.

Beckham rose to prominence in the nineties as a member of girl group The Spice Girl but later turned her hand to the worlds of fashion and beauty.

She said she embraces her look at age 49 but admitted that her husband, former England footballer David Beckham, has never seen her without her eyebrows done.

Asked how she feels about ageing, she told The Sunday Times: “I am comfortable with who I am, I accept how I look, I make the best of what I have.

“I feel, professionally and personally, really accomplished at 49. I consider how I apply my make-up. But I like how it feels being older.

“I wouldn’t want to be 25 again. I was the kind of young woman who would look in the mirror and see what needed to be improved upon, as opposed to what actually looked OK.”

She continued: “I’ve always been quite tough on myself, but because of that I’ve also always strived to be the best version of myself.

“It’s not about changing anything, it’s just about looking at the best version of yourself.”

These days, her signature style is largely removed from the Spice Girls’ heyday and through her eponymous fashion label, she is known for elegant silhouettes with lots of sleek, flowing dresses, palazzo pants and block colours.

Beckham revealed she undergoes some laser and skin tightening treatments but underlined that she is “not trying to turn back the clock”.

“I think it’s about little things. Same with make-up, it’s about not doing too much, which can be really ageing”, she said.

“I went to an event recently and people had very ‘big’ (overfilled) faces. There are some scary options out there.”

However, she admitted that she fell victim to the over-plucked eyebrow style and now drawing on her eyebrows is the first thing she does every morning.

“Over the years my brows have been so overplucked that if you saw me without it you’d be horrified”, she said.

“David has never seen me without my brows. They’re the first thing I do: wake up, put on the brow.”

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