Jackpot Games at the Heart of Online Casino Growth

Jackpot Games at the Heart of Online Casino Growth

The online casino industry has grown massively over the last two decades, and it’s hard to imagine it getting any bigger.

However, projections suggest that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, it’s expected to rise to £136 billion by 2029 with an annual growth rate of 6.2%. Jackpot slots are a huge driver for this market, and the fact that they are often in the news serves to attract more players. There have also been some interesting innovations in this category, designed to appeal to a broader range of people.

Massive Jackpot Wins Covered in Mainstream Media


It’s not often that casino game wins get into the news, but it is usually reported when someone picks up a massive win. Recently, a jackpot winner picked up a prize of £5.7 million, which is the highest ever win on a Jackpot King game. The amazing thing is that this happened on a single spin, as the player got lucky and hit the enormous progressive jackpot. Jackpot King games are all linked on a network, with players all over the world contributing to their jackpots. Everyone who plays has the chance to win the grand prize, which could land at any time. Throughout the history of online casinos, progressive jackpot games like this have attracted widespread attention. Some wins have even gone down in the Guinness World Records. The news of these fantastic results helps to attract more players to the online casino industry to see if they can win life-changing sums themselves.

Slots Market Continues to Expand to Attract New Players


When players make their way to slot sites, the diversity of genres available is one of their main reasons for staying. There are countless games to choose from with varying themes. For instance, there are titles like Egypt Bonanza and Egyptian Emeralds that are based on ancient Egypt, offerings such as Big Bass Splash that are inspired by popular pastimes, and games like Fall of the Wild that give players a taste of nature. There are even titles based on famous films and television shows, with Rocky being one of the latest examples of this. The game features a thumbnail that’s reminiscent of the classic picture, and instantly stands out to fans of the franchise. There are other games that are inspired by popular offerings in the mainstream too. An example of this is Viking’s Legacy Everyway, which aims to capitalize on the hype of the History Channel’s Vikings.

The attention that jackpot slots bring to online casinos is clearly one way that they bring in players, but it’s the sheer range of slots that is helping to expand the market massively. Despite the rise of live casino gaming in the wake of mainstream live streaming, slots still rule the roost and over 90% of players turn to these games

There’s no doubt that slots will continue to be at the forefront of online casino growth, and the introduction of advanced technology like virtual reality will make them even more popular.

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