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Family sentenced for modern-day slavery operation

The court heard how the gang were 'ruthless' and 'merciless'

By News Desk | Published: 12th September 2017 News Updates

Nine members of one family have been sentenced after the discovery of a slavery ring.

The family had kept workers in squalid conditions - without access to running water or toilets.

The court heard how the gang were 'ruthless' and 'merciless'

One victim's ordeal lasted for 25 years - he had been forced to dig his own grave.

The 11 gang members are now facing 80 years in prison.

Lincolnshire Police said:

“The severity of these crimes is underlined by the sentences imposed by the judge. The victims will never get the years back that were taken away from them but I hope this provides them with some comfort that justice has been served and demonstrates that we will do everything in our power to try and stop others suffering in the ways that they did.

“We will not rest on this result as there are potentially other victims of modern slavery in our county. We are exploring five active investigations and we will continue to put any victims at the very heart of our investigations.

“Modern Slavery isn’t just forced labour like we have seen in Operation Pottery – it can take many forms including sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, fraudulent activity or criminal exploitation. This doesn’t always happen to our most vulnerable either – any man, woman or child could be trafficked or recruited in the activity, often with promise of money or other benefit. Whatever form it takes – modern slavery is a truly appalling and devastating crime.