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Pensioner found guilty of making guns and bullets

A pensioner has been convicted of selling firearms and homemade bullets to dangerous criminals after West Midlands Police linked him to a UK gun crime spike.

By Jon Francis | Published: 14th November 2017 News Updates

Ammunition made by Paul Edmunds in the garage of his Gloucester village home was recovered by detectives at the scene of more than 100 shootings, including the Birmingham murder of Kenichi Phillips.

The firearms fanatic handcrafted bespoke bullets for use in vintage weapons, like late 19th Century St Etienne and Smith & Wesson revolvers, which he brought into the country legally as collector’s items.

But he also imported prohibited guns from the US having falsely signed customs paperwork claiming they were antiques.

Edmunds supplied the guns and ammo to respected physiotherapist Dr Mohinder Surdhar – whom he met at a Birmingham gun fair in 2008 – who in turn sold them to crime gangs.

West Midlands Police arrested the 66-year-old in July 2015 at his Hardwicke home where officers found 100,000 rounds of ammunition in his caged armoury but more bullets and gun components strewn around his bedroom and attic.

A total of 17 guns imported by Edmunds from the US, plus 1,000 rounds of ammunition linked to him, have been recovered by police at UK crime scenes.