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No major Brexit progress - Barnier

The European Union and Britain have not made major progress this week in talks about the country's exit from the EU, according to Michel Barnier.

By Jon Francis | Published: 12th October 2017 News Updates

It's claimed they are stuck over how much Britain should pay when it leaves, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator said

"This week we worked in a constructive spirit, and we clarified certain points, without, however, making any great steps forward," Michel Barnier told a news conference.

Barnier said Britain had told the EU that it was not ready to specify how much it believed it should pay.

"Regarding that question we are at an impasse, which is very worrying for thousands of projects everywhere in Europe and also worrying for those who contribute," he said.

Barnier said he was still convinced that decisive progress was possible in the next two months given political will.